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A new sustainable cocktail menu to check out in Hackney

Zero waste bar, Scout in Hackney has just launched a new drinks menu named 'Ecosystems', which will focus on three key sections - Towns & Cities, Freshwater & Marine and Grasslands & Forests. We take peek at what delicious creations they've come up with...

Currently sitting at No. 28 within the World’s 50 Best Bars, Scout has entered a lustrous new era with Rich Woods (The Cocktail Guy) joining Matt Whiley as co-partner, co-owner and co-cocktail conspirator. The bar’s ethos is still the same - to use produce only sourced from the British Isles. Seasonality underpins everything and waste is truly a dirty word at Scout, where every endeavour is made to ensure environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Rich and Matt have just launched a new menu, which will continuously evolve as produce from farmers and growers comes in and out of season, whilst foraged ingredients and house ferments combine to create drinks that push boundaries with inspired flavour combinations and techniques. The drinks menu, which has been given the title of 'Ecosystems will focus on three key sections with four specific libations in each – Towns & Cities, Freshwater & Marine and Forests & Grasslands.


Towns & Cities zones in on sourcing locally in London, using and re-using what’s within figurative and literal arm’s reach in the capital and championing not only locally foraged ingredients from the green spaces but salvaging ingredients that may ordinarily be wasted without use too.

undefinedGin, cut grass, tomato vine, clarified tomato, tonic.

undefinedSeasonal east London apple rye whisky distillate, cucumber, Hackney elderflower, vino blanc soda.


Freshwater & Marine focuses on coastal regions and inland streams with libations inspired by the water and using the shoreline spoils from the beautiful British Isles.

undefinedGin, algae dry vermouth, fino sherry, sea essence, sea lettuce, razor clam.


Finally, find Norfolk heather honey, sweet potato, cherry bark and fermented birch sap – these are just a taster of some of the ingredients featured in the Forests & Grasslands section of cocktails, dedicated to sourcing from nature throughout the country.

undefinedScotch whisky, caramelised cream, waffle cone cacao, cherry bark, sparkling wine.

undefinedSunflower seed, peated whisky, cacao husk, mugwort caramel, mahonia seed.

Brewing, fermenting and experimenting is done entirely in-house and discerning drinkers will also find bottled classics (done the Scout way), including a Negroni, an Old Fashioned and a Vesper. Ferments will continue to have a feature with their new expanded list referred to as ‘On Skins’. Using as the name suggests, skins of fruits and vegetables. A selection of specially selected beers and natural, low-intervention wines complete the menu, ensuring there’s something unique and delicious for everyone to try.

Photo credit - @Lateef.Photography.