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First Look At The Two New Zetter Townhouse Menus

For the first time in eight years, The Zetter Townhouse's two award-winning cocktail bars (in Clerkenwell and Marylebone) are re-launching on Friday 5th July with a BRAND NEW drinks concept! This accompanies a tasty new food menu and some minor spruces to the interiors. Take a look ahead of tomorrow at what you can expect to be drinking...

The Townhouses have been joined by Matt Whiley (The Talented Mr. Fox) and Rich Woods (The Cocktail Guy), who together have worked on the concept, cocktail creation, as well as ingredient and recipe development for these two exciting collections.

Since opening in 2011 The Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell has become a London cocktail institution, loved for its ‘down the rabbit hole’ experience and gorgeous yet eccentric interiors. In 2014, The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone opened Seymour’s Parlour, the next in the family, known as the home to fictional Wicked Uncle Seymour (to Clerkenwell’s Great Aunt Wilhemina) offering an even more luxurious drinking den in the West End.

Themed on ‘Potions & Punches’ and ‘Cures & Curiosities’, the menus from both townhouses have been created focusing on ten ingredients known for their unique, therapeutic benefits - including Catnip, Palo Santo, Pollen, Sandlewood, Vetiver, Quartz, Clary Sage, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort and Elf Oil. This unusual list of ingredients pays homage to the adventures of The Zetter Townhouses’ fictional proprietors and have been conscientiously sourced and explored to create an intriguing list of deliciously inventive cocktails.

Marylebone’s menu theme of ‘Potions & Punches’ is inspired by Uncle Seymour’s travels. A debauched affair which featured many a scandalous party, he eventually found himself searching for a mystical answer to his ailments. Enthralled with Europe’s medicine shows, he returned to London and began working on a list of magical tonics utilising exotic ingredients, to share with Georgian London society. Cocktails include:

undefinedWatermelon bourbon, amontillado, catnip distilled sweet vermouth & burnt sugar.

undefinedGin, blackberry campari, sweet vermouth, elf oil & petitgrain aromatic.

Clerkenwell’s ‘Cures & Curiosities’ follow on from the story of Seymour who gifted his Aunt Wilhelmina a haul of exotic ingredients from his travels. Yet Wilhelmina’s approach to finding a remedy was more homegrown and holistic, so she started to experiment with combining her own foraged and nurtured ingredients with Seymour’s.

undefinedQuartz stone washed gin, strawberry vermouth & almond flower.

undefinedFig leaf vodka, aromatised wine, verbena and Palo Santo.

undefinedGin, cotton lavender, aromatised wine & catnip aromatic.

undefinedCognac, elf oil & petitgrain liquer and Champagne.

The new menu is available at both sites from Friday 5th July!