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Four of the best bloody marys

Find out what makes some of the best Bloody Marys in London so deliciously moreish and why these top bars are so proud of their recipes...

Arguably one of the most instantly recognisable cocktails, the Bloody Mary is a staple across London’s top bars, with each one claiming their version is the best. Grey Goose vodka has made it their mission to help create a list of the ultimate variations across London with their Proud Mary campaign.

From The Blue Bar who consider the Bloody Mary as the missing link between food and drink, to the spicy homemade Umami mix used at The Ned, to the adding of freshly juiced vegetables such a celery and carrot to pressed cherry tomatoes to create as natural and fresh flavours at Swift, each bar has honed their perfect take on the Bloody Mary over the years, creating a drink which embodies their personality.

Available until the end of March, check them out now!


Ned’s Umami Mary - Grey Goose vodka, Port Charlotte whisky, umami mix (see below what goes in here), tomato Juice

“Our Bloody Mary is one of the most popular drinks with our members in our Asian-Pacific inspired restaurant Kaia. We’re most proud of our unique spicy homemade Umami mix which hails from 1900s Japan. The addition of Umami really elevates this drink and the resulting flavour is earthy, sweet and comforting.” - Max Ostwald 


Bloody Mary - Grey Goose vodka, fresh lemon, homemade spice mix, tomato juice

“It is our commitment to using only the freshest of ingredients which makes our Bloody Mary’s rich and flavorful. Our recipe includes many ingredients, and the freshness of the produce give our cocktail an amazing texture. Together with Grey Goose Vodka, we are proud to have created a Bloody Mary which strikes the right balance between the two flavours with the final product being a classic but vibrant cocktail.” - 
Maxim Schulte


Swift Bloody Mary - Grey Goose vodka, Tabasco, lemon juice, Swift spice mix, celery juice, carrot juice, cherry tomato juice, tomato passata

“At Swift we focus a lot on not over garnishing a drink, and instead our priority is the aroma and overall aesthetic of the drink. We believe our Bloody Mary stands out from the rest because of its freshness and earthiness. The cold pressed cherry tomatoes instantly give our cocktail a different taste, they are brilliantly balanced with the versatile base of Grey Goose vodka. The passata gives it a nice body and the Grey Goose vodka gives it a good kick. What makes me proud about our Bloody Mary is that it represents Swift as a bar – simple, looks good, tastes amazing and popular every day!” - Gianluca Pavanello Canella


Blue Bar Bloody Mary - Grey Goose Vodka, Tio Pepe Fino, Blue Bar spicy mix, tomato juice, lemon juice

“At Blue Bar we believe that our Bloody Mary truly is the missing link between food and drink. We are most proud of our gourmet olive leather garnish which we have created. It is made of equal parts of green and black olives which compliments the kick of Grey Goose vodka! The addition of Grey Goose gives this renowned cocktail a luxurious feel and we are proud to have reintroduced the concept of a drink you can also eat.” – Andrea Melis