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Santa Teresa 1796 Rum at The Old Fashioned Experiment

Twist your Old Fashioned with this delicious Venezuelan rum.

70cl / 40%
Honeyed single estate rum from Venezuela with elements of bitter chocolate, nuts and buttery biscuits. It is made, unusually for a rum, through the solera process: casks of different aged rums are stacked vertically, the oldest (aged around 35 years) at the bottom, and as the distiller draws rum from one cask they top it up with younger liquid from the blend. Santa Teresa 1796 was awarded Best in Category (Aged Rums 15+) at the International Cane Spirits Festival 2007 and is best enjoyed over ice or mixed with mineral water.


For Santa Teresa 1796, in addition to the standard process of rum-making, they use of the solera method for rum, an artisanal process of aging, traditionally used for premium brandy and sherry. The solera itself consists of several stacked rows of barrels, each tier holding rums of scaling maturity. the row on the floor contains the oldest rum. The blend of our pot-still rum, and aged (between 5 & 25 years) light and heavy rums replenish the top row of barrels in the solera. The spirits make their way (or more accurately, age their way) down to the bottom row of barrels. After it matures here, it is drawn exclusively for the bottling of Santa Teresa 1796.

TASTE : Opens with toffee, brown sugar and vanilla aromas; dark chocolate and maple syrupy on the palate, with a dense richness; finishes with great length, a touch of pepper and developing complexity.