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Campari Bitter at The Negroni Experiment

The intrinsic bitter ingredient in a classic Negroni and the reason this drink is such a deliciously rich colour.

70cl / 25%
An Italian bitter liqueur aperitif created in the 19th century in a coffee shop in Milan by Gaspare Campari. Flavoured with a huge array of 68 herbs and spices.


Campari is a perfect blend of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit, and alcohol. The vibrant red, seductive herbal notes and delicate bitter taste tempt the senses as a voice inside longs for another sip. The secret recipe, invented in 1860 and known only by three people, remains true to the original. The taste is unique to Campari and the recipe created a century and a half ago. Campari is essential to some of the world’s most classic and iconic cocktails. Indeed, there is no Negroni without Campari and 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of this legendary drink.  In 1919 in Café Casoni, Florence, Count Negroni decided to change up his usual Americano by replacing the soda water with a London dry gin and the Negroni was born.  

TASTE : Incredible balance of sweet to bitter. Obvious bitter orange characteristics that are drawn from the chinotto, perhaps you might be lucky enough to note the rhubarb or ginseng on the palate. On its own this might be almost overwhelmingly bitter but once paired with the aromatics of gin and the soft herbaceous vermouth we will have tamed the bitterness.