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The First Ever Private Members Club for working Santas Opens

Cockburn’s has opened the doors to the first ever Private Members’ Club for working Santas. A pop-up safe haven that allows the UK’s unsung heroes to loosen their belts, hang up the sack and kick back.

Cockburn’s has opened the doors to the first ever Private Members’ Club for working Santas – offering a safe haven that allows the UK’s unsung heroes to loosen their belts, hang up the sack and kick back with a free glass of Cockburn's Special Reserve Port after a hard day’s work.

M Victoria will become Santa’s Little Helper from now until Christmas Eve, hosting the exclusive Private Members’ Club for red and white uniforms for a limited time only, where guests can escape the hustle and bustle of seasonal cheers and enjoy a free glass of Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port.

The Christmas season sees Britain’s army of Santas being kept busy in grottos and shopping centres up and down the country making their list, checking it twice and distributing gifts to good little girls and boys of the United Kingdom. But with the mania around Christmas ramping up each and every year, the job can certainly be a toughie.

A survey of 100 ‘Santas’ found that 92% admit to feeling stressed while performing their yuletide duties, a staggering statistic that has prompted Cockburn’s to come to their rescue and set up a safe space where the nation’s Father Christmases can relax at the end of a hard day.

Some of the biggest stresses faced by Santas were revealed to be putting up with an uncomfortable costume, dealing with pushy parents and the pressure to remain “jolly” at all times.

Top ten biggest stresses for working Santas:
-Getting too hot or uncomfortable in the uniform
-Overbearing or pushy parents
-Having to be jolly all the time
-Children that “don’t believe in Santa”
-Children asking awkward questions
-Overexcited children
-Children pulling on their beard
-Having to listen to the same carols on repeat
-Maintaining their “Santa weight”
-Having to eat too many mince pies

It’s not all doom and gloom though; the Santas were in agreement that the very best part of their job is making people smile (45%), followed by receiving selfless requests from children (28%). Some of their favourite requests included being asked for a new baby brother or sister, and other weirder requests for “a llama”, “a spaceship”, “a pet unicorn” and even “a new girlfriend for daddy”.

Ten of the strangest present requests received by working Santas:
-A baby brother/sister
-A llama
-A meerkat
-A real reindeer – but a real one
-A millennium falcon crewed by Doctor Who
-A full-sized helicopter
-Des O’Connor
-Pet unicorn
-A slow cooker
-A new girlfriend for Daddy

Anthony Symington at Cockburn’s said: “Everyone loves it when Santa makes an appearance at Christmas, but it’s not always as jolly as it seems… Our research found that Father Christmas can succumb to workplace stress just the same as the rest of us, so we thought it was time to give back to dear old Saint Nick! At the Cockburn’s Club, Santas can kick back, relax and tuck into a warming glass of Port.” 

Martin Williams, founder of M Victoria added: “I used to be a working Santa myself back in the day, so I understand the stresses of the job more than anyone. Sometimes all you want after a long day in the grotto is to be able to unwind with some good company and a glass of your favourite tipple, which we’ll happily provide.”

Over half of Santas stated their preferred way to unwind after a hard day’s work was to unwind with their favourite drink, so visitors to the private members’ club will be treated to a complimentary glass of Cockburn’s Special Reserve.

Reservations are advised and to make a booking at Cockburn’s Private Members’ Club at M Victoria, please contact [email protected] using the reference "Cockburn’s Private Members Club" and include the fact that you are a working Santa and which grotto you are working at this year. 

*Please note Santas wishing to visit the club must come in their full regalia including beard and hat.