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Darling, this is going to be good.

From the Darling herself, Charlotte Wilde comes this brand new wine bar and creative hub in Dalston.

Charlotte Wilde is stepping out on her own to bring a whole new space to the Dalston Wine game.

Darling will serve as a creative hub by day, a space for all those creatives in need of a place to go, to be inspired, to work and to build a community. Taking over Shanghai - no not the city, although given the success of previous ventures, we wouldn't snub the idea, but taking over Shanghai, an old Dim Sum restaurant on Kingsland Road. 

For private hire during the day for photoshoots, to a workspce to encourage community and creative energy. Keeping in place some of the original interiors fom the wall tiling to the stained glass domes, this 1910 building is going to be beautiful, darling. 

Come night time the drinks will start to flow - naturally the wine is going to be carfeully selected, from traditional to natural they will all be on offer and all be in her words affordable and accessible. Not only will there be wine but this time around we'll see ready-to-drink cocktails - yes, we are excited about this. 

Set to be open in the Autumn, we can't wait to see this space!