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Drink this: Mr Lyan's Beeswax Old Fashioned

It's back, Mr Lyan's famed Beeswax Old Fashioned has been revived. Find out where you can get your lips around this iconic serve here.

Remember the teenage heartbreak and agony of your favourite bands breaking up and heading off to commence what would ultimately be fledging solo careers before winding up on 'where are they now programmes'? Years later, when you thought you'd forgotten all about them, a reunion tour is announced and those flutters of first love come flooding back. You probably consider remortgaging the house to get tickets. Well this is like that, but with booze. 

Sort of. 

Back in April last year Mr Lyan (aka Ryan Chetiyawardana) closed his first bar White Lyan and although the promise of things to come was both exciting and has now been fulfilled, loosing one of our favourite bars was sad to say the least. Loosing a favourite drink however, one that we all thought we'd never get our lips around again, was just like that last concert when Powderfinger struck their final note. 

The Beeswax Old Fashioned was around since the early days of White Lyan, invented in 2010, and made a comeback for the final menu. It was the sort of drink people came specifically to the bar for, marrying the woody, sweet and complex flavours of an Old Fashioned with the unctuous mouthfeel imparted by beeswax. It was in short the best Old Fashioned in town. 

With White Lyan closing we thought we'd sipped our last Beeswax Old Fashioned. But this tasty tipple is making a comeback as part of the menu at Cub, the sustainable restaurant that now lives in what was White Lyan. 

It's not exactly the same this time round, the original used Mr Lyan Blended Scotch made specifically for the drink. Nowadays you'll find at its base Glenmorangie Single Malt, a brand which boasts the highest stills in Scotch whisky, lending this cocktail  a fruity start before giving way to that luxurious mouthfeel. And we've noticed the serve has been pimped as well, poured at the table from a magnum of Glenmorangie which has its innards coated in beeswax. 

Of course the reunion tour was never the same as your teenage years listening to your favourite bands behind the locked door of your bedroom. But, approached as an adult, sometimes it's even better. This is like that, but with booze. 

Sort of.

Get your fix of Beeswax Old Fashioned at Cub, 155 Hoxton Street, Thursday - Saturday.