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Calling all London Artists

If you've ever dreamt of having your artwork on a wine label, this is your chance.

Renegade Wines are calling all budding artists - this is your chance to showcase your work. 

Their plan is to commission the label art for their 2017 labels - They are looking to use London based emerging talent for the labels of their 2017 vintage.

Not only will you get your work across over 24,000 wine bottles which are sold around London and globally, but you will also be paid. 

All you need to do is send one piece of art and a description of your vision. You will need to have a connection to London and the art needs to either feature London or have a sense of London in the vision i.e. diversity, innovation, multiculturalism etc. 

You can submit all the way up to the 7th Jan. For the full brief please click here

We can't wait to see who they choose! Goodluck! x