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How to Make A Cosmopolitan

Vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lime.

Light and aromatic

The theme drink of the ‘90s, Carrie Bradshaw loved Cosmos for a reason; they’re refreshing, tasty and glamorous

The Cosmopolitan may have been the most famous cocktail of the 1990s, but the combination of vodka, cranberry, triple sec and lime has been around much longer and a rudimentary version of the drink, using gin in place of vodka and lemon instead of lime, has been found in print in 1934.

Who originally put together today’s formula is a subject of conjecture but by the mid 1980s the drink had certainly reached New York in a form that modern drinkers would recognise. But it had yet to reach icon status, until, in 1996, Dale DeGroff discovered the recipe while working in Manhattan’s Rainbow Rooms where he perfected it and added the flamed orange zest garnish.

Many publications still credit Dale as the inventor of the Cosmopolitan but he has never claimed ownership of the drink, and instead says he simply made popular a definitive recipe. Two years after Dale had added the theatrical flaming zest HBO launched the television series Sex and the City and the humble Cosmo became legendary.

Make It At Home:

Prep Time: 5 minutes   |   Serves: 1   |   Skill: Easy

35ml vodka (citrus or plain)   |   15ml triple sec   |   25ml cranberry juice   |   15ml fresh lime juice   |   Cubed ice to shake   |   1 orange peel

Place a coupe glass in the freezer three hours before to chill

Cocktail shaker   |   Hawthorne strainer   |   Coupe glass

1. Pour the vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice into one half of your cocktail shaker
2. Fill this with ice
3. Cover and shake well until thoroughly chilled
4. Strain into a chilled coupe glass
5. Garnish with a flamed orange zest