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The Covent Garden Cocktail Experiments with Barny Ingram

  • 05/10/2019
  • £6

A taster edition of our sell-out Cocktail Experiments at the London Cocktail Week Covent Garden Pop-Up


The London Cocktail Week Covent Garden Pop-Up, 5-7 Grape Street, London, WC2H 8DW
2pm- 9.30pm


Join our resident boozy guru Barny Ingram at our masterclass table within the London Cocktail Week Covent Garden Pop-Up. 

We’ve picked out some classic cocktails that we think are VASTLY improved when you know exactly how you like them.
Whether that’s switching the base spirit in an Old Fashioned, understanding what sweet or dry vermouths do to your Negroni or finding out just how coffee-y you like your Espresso Martini, we’ve got you covered.

The timetable for Saturday 05 October reads as; 

2pm-2.30pm : Daiquiri Experiment 
During the session you'll taste six spectacular rums from dark to white, learning how each creates it's own unique version of this three part refreshing drink.
You'll then be shown how to shake up your favourite combo of rum, lime and sugar to create YOUR perfect Daiquiri.

3pm-3.30pm : Negroni Experiment
During the session you'll taste four gins - exploring the different botanicals, flavours and styles, three vermouths - understanding the subtle nuances that make up this aromatic category and then be shown how to mix your favourite combo in perfect equal thirds with bitter to create YOUR perfect Negroni.

4pm-4.30pm : Old Fashioned Experiment
During the session you'll taste three bourbons - exploring how the different barrels and mashbills affect the flavour, two rums for a Caribbean twist and two other whiskies to show the diverse nature of this simple drink. You'll then be shown how to mix your favourite combo to the perfect dilution and create YOUR perfect Old Fashioned. 

5pm-5.30pm : Espresso Martini Experiment 
During this session you will chat through the components that make up this classic caffeinated drink, guiding the tasting and showing you the perfect way to prepare your cocktail, before you have a go at making one yourself using one of five vodkas and three coffee liqueurs. 


6pm-6.30pm : Daiquiri Experiment 
7pm-7.30pm : Negroni Experiment
8pm-8.30pm : Old Fashioned Experiment
9pm-9.30pm : Espresso Martini Experiment