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Beer + Pizza Pairing

  • 27/02/2019
  • £17

Authentic Italian pizzeria Zia Lucia team up with award-winning Islington microbrewery Hammerton Brewery for one night only.


Zia Lucia, 61 Blythe Road, London, W14 0HP

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Authentic Italian pizzeria Zia Lucia will team up with award-winning Islington microbrewery Hammerton Brewery for a tasting journey of beer and pizza pairings, for one night only. Taking place at its Brook Green pizzeria, the beer and pizza evening will explore why this classic duo is always such a winning combination. 

Zia Lucia has become renowned for its four different types of dough (traditional, vegetable charcoal, gluten free and wholemeal); at the event each dough will be topped with high-quality Italian ingredients and coupled with a different Hammerton beer. 

The beer + pizza tasting evening will offer guests a taste-journey through the secrets of the beer and pizza craft. The founders of Zia Lucia, Gianluca D'Angelo and Claudio Vescovo, along with Hammerton's brewers, will be guiding guests through these pairings,  finding the perfect beer partner for a a rich and cheesy charcoal-based pizza, and the ideal sweet-edged ale to accompany a chocolate-slathered dessert pizza. 

Tickets include four pizzas and four beers.