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Smith & Sinclair X MADE Present The Multi-Sensorial Cocktail Experience

  • 04/10/2018 to 05/10/2018
  • £26.79

A Multi-Sensorial Cocktail Masterclass filled with mind-blowing elements.


MADE HQ, 5 Singer Street, London, EC2A 4AP
04/10/2018 to 05/10/2018

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Smith & Sinclair have partnered with MADE to bring you a Multi-Sensorial Cocktail Masterclass filled with mind-blowing elements.

More than just your average Cocktail Masterclass, there'll be colour-changing features, edible fragrances, spherification balls, oils, lollipops… and more to really bring the multi-sensorial experience to life.

Hosted by two of Smith & Sinclair’s top cocktail connoisseurs, guests are invited to a private room where you'll be greeted with not one but two Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies before tucking into an array of cocktails delivered in a unique fashion.

The workshop will include:

  • A deconstructed Gin and Tonic Experience: An opportunity to eat your Gin and Tonic.
  • Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies
  • Inhalable cocktails.
  • A chance to create your own colour-changing cocktail featuring Portobello Gin.
  • A garnish bar to allow you to get creative with your glass of prosecco and adorn it with spherification balls, lollipops, edible fragrances and paints.