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Plymouth Gin Cocktail Masterclass: The Icons (Thu)

  • 04/10/2018
  • £20

Discover the iconic gin cocktails through the ages with Plymouth Gin.


Ask for Janice Farringdon, 50-52 Long Lane, London, EC1A 9EJ
Arrival: 18.00, Class begins: 18.30


Classics never go out of fashion. Learn about the iconic cocktails through the ages with Plymouth Gin.

Produced in the UK’s oldest working gin distillery, we’ve been making Plymouth Gin to the same recipe since 1973. Distilled in the original copper pot, with botanicals hand selected by our master distiller, creating Plymouth Gin’s unique smooth and citrus led profile. A cocktail staple, Plymouth Gin was the first gin to be used in the original Dry martini, the Pink Gin and The Gimlet and continues to be recognised as the best gin for martinis to this day.

In this hour long cocktail masterclass, you’ll discover the history of Plymouth Gin and create the three iconic gin cocktails. Learn key cocktail skills, tips to impress at home, and leave with a unique present from the Plymouth Gin distillery.