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Take A journey through the history of magic as the Beaufort Bar's new menu is revealed...

The Savoy’s stunning Beaufort Bar have just launched a new menu that delves into the fabled history, dark drama and timeless romance embedded in the mysterious world of magic. Aptly named - Interpreted Magic - the menu comes presented in three-parts - exploring secrets, tales and tricks as it subtly journeys through the history and performance of magic through the ages.

Photographer © Jason Bailey

The cocktails on the new Beaufort Bar menu take inspiration from all kinds of magical figures, from characters in Greek myths, fairy-tales and English folklore, to radical inventors, modern-day scientists and some of the world’s most famous magicians. Inventors and scientists have all created their own magic to change the world and these cocktails pay tribute to visionaries like Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin and Tim Berners-Leewhile world-renowned magicians like Houdini and Derren Brown are all celebrated through drinks that explore their unique magical styles.

Interpreted Magic will be separated into three sections, inspired by the ‘three pillars’ of magic, each of which is a vital stage in a traditional magic performance: The Pledge, featuring light mixed drinks, wines and Champagnes; The Turn, featuring imaginative drinks that combine unusual techniques and clandestine flavours with agave spirits, gin, tonics and fortified wines; and finally The Prestige, focusing on rare whiskies and mixed drinks that are a satiating blend of dark spirits, full aromas and rich flavours.


Parrallel worlds exist across fiction, but few have stood the test of time as well as C.S. Lewis’ fantasy land, Narnia, where this drink draws it's themes...
undefinedBacardi Carta B Lanca rum, Muyu Vetiver Gris liqueur, Discarded Cascara Vermouth, grapefruit, citric solution.

Based on the David Copperfield show where he brought the famous model, Claudia Schiffer on stage to join in his mind-reading act then by January of the next year, the two were engaged... hypnotised or true love, only the drink can decide!
undefinedGrey Goose vodka, Martini Fiero, riesling wine, passion fruit cordial, Louis Roederer Champagne.

Throughout the millennia, the illusion of danger in magic has been a recurring theme, but this illusion was all too real for Sigfried and Roy when the latter was bitten by their white tiger, Mantacore.
undefinedBACARDI 4yr rum, Chazalettes vermouth bianco, salted pistachio yoghurt, earl grey tea, vanilla, lime, Framboise eau de vie, milk.


Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, whereby Persephone is taken by Hades to the underworld and tricked into eating pomegranate, the fruit of the underworld, so must stay.
undefinedDon Julio 1942 tequila, Muyu Jasmine liquer, Roots Rakomelo, pomegranate, saline solution.

Nikola Tesla was an early pioneer of electric technology, popularised in varying degrees of fiction as a mad scientist who tried to harness the power of lightning itself, which is the theme of this cocktail.
undefinedStar of Bombay gin, Italicus Rosolio, lemon verbena & sherry cordial, Louis Roederer Champagne.


Inspired by Roald Dahl’s Matilda and Stephen King’s Carrie - two characters that are at the same time similar and opposite.
undefinedWoodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon, pineapple infused sauvignon blanc, Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitif, H. THEORIA Procrastination, soda.

A cocktail created in honour of Marie Laveau - a Creole Voodoo priestess, famed for divining secrets and bestowing blessings on those in her community who sought her out.
undefinedJack Daniel's Single Barrel rye whiskey, Martini Rubino vermouth, H. THEORIA Hystérie, banana, Angostura Bitters.

Photographer © Jason Bailey.