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News As It Happens

A rolling stream of our new news in the run up to the biggest festival, London Cocktail Week!

London Cocktail Week 2019 is shaping up to be the biggest festival we’ve ever undertaken – what with the extended timetable to include two weekends and the biggest ever Cocktail Village we wanted you to feel right at the heart of the action as it happens!
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Come behind the scenes with us! 
16 August 2019
Get Out In The Wild in The Cocktail Village!
Drambuie’s Skye Bothy is a remote explorer’s hut hidden within The Cocktail Village containing a cocktail studio during the day and Isle of Skye dining experience by night.
Expect intimate cocktail masterclasses and conversation with some of the world’s top bartenders, and in the evening, book a one of a kind dining experience where chef Ruaridh Emslie channels his deep understanding of wild cooking. Tickets for supper on sale soon! 
15 August 2019
The Fair is Coming To The Cocktail Village!
What happens when you mix a childhood dream with one of the very best things about being an adult? The MONIN Fairground, that’s what! From playful activities to boozy treats, discover the power of MONIN flavours through sweet, nostalgic-filled games and drinks. On the menu: Candy Floss slushie, Pic’n’Mix gin and tonic, Apple Pie margarita and more! Popping up in The Cocktail Village from Wednesday 09 October. 
14 August 2019
Islay Peat Transported Down To The Cocktail Village
Laphroaig single malt has been dividing and inspiring opinions since 1815, but what is it that makes them so polarising? The answer probably lies in the distinctive smoky flavour, born from the cold smoking process. For the first time, they’ll be bringing their smoke to London by building a peat fired kiln and using fresh cut Islay peat to cold smoke a range of cocktails and foods - each item inspired by an existing opinion on Laphroaig. This is an opportunity to taste cold-smoked haggis and also cold-smoked butterscotch while personalising the smoke level of your cocktail. #OpinionsWelcome
09 August 2019
A Perfect Pairing Between Maker's Mark Bourbon & Crosstown Doughnuts
This tasty pair have teamed-up to craft a custom doughnut especially for LCW inspired by the tasting notes of Maker’s Mark, and its key ingredient—Red Winter Wheat—uniquely used for a sweeter bourbon flavour. Treat yourself to fun, games and hand-crafted bourbon cocktails & Maker’s Mark Crosstown Doughbites: Hand-crafted. Hand-in-hand in The Cocktail Village.
08 August 2019
A Traditional Japanese Izakaya Alley in middle of The Cocktail Village!
Right in the heart of The Cocktail Village - House of Suntory are recreating the hustle and bustle of a traditional Izakaya Alley - the best way to go bar hopping and experience the unbelievable atmosphere of Japan. You can enjoy the skilfully crafted cocktails or be taken through a multi-sensory masterclass with Roku Gin, Haku Vodka and Toki Whisky to understand the true meaning behind this elite collection of Japanese spirits.
01 August 2019
Tenth Birthday Party confirmed
Fortuitously – the festival falls on the 10 October – 10/10. Geddit!?
We’ll be celebrating (loudly) in The Cocktail Village on that evening.
First come first serve entry but… see you there yeah?
24 July 2019
The London Cocktail Week Hub comes home to Seven Dials 
As a nod back to our first foray into pop-up shops – we’re bringing the hub back to Seven Dials five years after we were last there!
We’ve secured a beautiful shop space, which will showcase a daily rotation of brands, bartenders and masterclasses from Friday 4 October until Thursday 10 October. 
Entry will be free for those with a Festival Pass. 
16 July 2019
The Cocktail Village spreads out across the The Truman Estate
Following a wonderful first year at Truman Brewery, the team have re-signed to come back for a second year.
This time we're taking even more space outside and extending the festival-vibes with an even bigger tent! 
Entry will be free for those with a Festival Pass. 
08 July 2019
We’re bringing back wristbands!
As a nod to how we started – every single guest of London Cocktail Week will get a commemorative wristband – and this time, they’re gold!
You’ll still need the app to prove you’ve bought a ticket and more importantly to know where you’re going, but you can pick up your wristband when you visit any of our participating bars or from our London Cocktail Week Hub in Seven Dials or The Cocktail Village on Brick Lane. 
05 July 2019
The Cocktail Times is back
We’re writing fresh content and these newspapers will be distributed at a Zone One station near you in the run up to the festival.
Keep your eyes peeled as these are totally free and are jam packed with so much great information… 
01 July 2019
The bars that have been involved from the start!
It’s like we planned it but there are TEN bars that have walked the same path as us for the last decade and have been involved in every single London Cocktail Week since we started out.
Some might have slightly tweaked their names but the essence of the original venues is most definitely still there. There’s a list here. 
15 June 2019
London Cocktail Week stretches to ten days 
To celebrate ten years of London Cocktail Week – we’ve extended our festival to ten days, which most importantly includes TWO weekends to enjoy £6 cocktails in 300 of London’s very finest bars!