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Grey Goose Vanille at The Espresso Martini Experiment

Vodka made in the heart of Cognac which mixes beautifully in an Espresso Martini.

70cl / 40%
From Cognac in France, this breakthrough wheat-based small-batch ultra-premium vodka has achieved global success and won a Platinum medal at the World Spirits Championship. Clean and fresh, with a smooth, creamy texture.


Having migrated off the shelf for 15 years the popular flavour has now flown back to add panache to cocktails – Grey Goose la Vanille is a limited edition – catch it before it flies off again.
An iconic flavour in the GREY GOOSE portfolio, the flavour expression of GREY GOOSE La Vanille perfectly complements with the finest coffee to bring out a dynamic flavour profile to create the ultimate twist on the Espresso Martini Cocktail. Sourced from natural Madagascan vanilla to create bold caramelised and toffee notes that complements the finest coffee to bring out a dynamic flavour profile  
On the nose: perception of a sweet and delicate smell of fresh orchid flowers, then more intense pastry. The whole reveals a very authentic and natural aroma of vanilla.
On the palate: sweet and round with a creamy taste of white chocolate, sweet almond and milk caramel. The whole is both generous and greedy.