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Antica Formula at The Negroni Experiment

The richest, sweetest vermouth from Carpano.

100cl / 16.5%
From Carpano, home of the first ever vermouth, this highly sought-after red vermouth is made to an original recipe dating from 1786. Your Manhattans will never be the same again.


Antonio Benedetto Carpano of Turin had trained as a herbalist. He was a fan of all things German and would have been aware of the centuries old tradition of adding wormwood to wine. In 1786, using spices that had only recently become attainable he began to make his own version of this age-old tradition, adding various mountain herbs, fruit and burned sugar to white wine and naming it vermouth after the German word for wormwood. His little wine shop, where people came to enjoy a glass became so popular that he had to open 24 hours a day to satisfy the demand for his vermouth. Carpano Antica Formula was designed to emulate Antonio’s oldest recipes, and rich with citrus, dried fruit and vanilla which gives a bold, deep flavour to a Negroni
TASTE : A no holds barred vermouth, and with really big flavours it makes a fantastic Negroni, though one with an unmistakable identity, that cherry coke and vanilla sitting up front and centre.