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TT Liquor

Right in the heart of Shoreditch is the amazing spot where we hold all our Cocktail Experiments. Find out what goes on inside this awesome three-storey spot.

We are super lucky to be able to hold ALL our Cocktail Experiments at the very cool TT Liquor in the heart of Shoreditch on Kingsland Road. A deceivingly large spot set across three floors complete with a specialist liquor store, ground-floor cinema and an intimate subterranean cocktail bar… we like to think of it as hip member’s club that’s open and free for everybody!

Step in off the street and you’ll have entered the liquor store. Here knowledgeable storekeepers will guide you through their selection of more than 1,000 specially selected liquors, wines from all over the world and craft beers ready and chilling in the fridge for you to enjoy on your walk home, on the bus or before one of our Cocktail Experiments.

Hidden down the back staircase through the lounge is the Cellar Bar, where you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a castle dungeon turned cocktail bar. Pull up a stool or grab one of the turret booths (fun fact, these used to be jail cells when this place was a police station) and enjoy one of the carefully curated cocktails from the menu, which is a celebration of British achievements in history. Drinks include The Shipwrecker, inspired by England’s treacherous West Coast and The Beagle, which pays homage to Darwin’s voyage.

Tucked away at the back of the lounge is the newly opened cinema, where the monthly drinks and movie experiences are held. Designed to celebrate film classics, the monthly screenings have included The Big Lebowski and Back to the Future, paired with a specialist cocktail for each guest.

Finally we climb upstairs past the private banquet hall and into the classrooms where our lovely Cocktail Experiments are held, yay! With rows of specially made cocktail-making desks with your own ice well, chopping board and cocktails station, all you need to do is grab your spot and start mixing.


Get tickets to The Cocktail Experiments here.