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Don’t let Bublé and present buying panic ruin your festive cheer, we’ve got you covered with our round up of the best gifts, whatever your budget.

It’s officially December this weekend and that means Tuesday is now the new Friday, as Christmas jollies take over every night of the week - and there's an abundance of Elton everywhere.
And with December comes gifts. A veritable minefield to ensure you find the perfect presents for your pals. But fear not... we’ve got you covered with our round up of the best gifts, whatever your budget.
Avoid Oxford Street altogether and check out our slightly boozy Christmas gift guide…

Merry Christmas!

SECRET SANTA (under £20)

Liquid Garnish

undefinedFor that person that LOVES a G&T in the most extravagant glass possible - why not add a garnish mist from the gin-ious team at Silent Pool, available in three flavours, including a special Christmas one. £10 each.

Cactus Shot Glasses 

undefinedThat colleague who always hollers for shots deserves a quirky vessel to drink them from at the Christmas party. These little treasures hit the spot. £18 for four. 

Lightening Bolt Bottle Opener

undefinedBecause you're bound to know someone who loves both Ziggy and beer right? £12.50

Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. Set

undefinedLike a Vitamin C tablet - but probably more fun - this is a way to jazz up bubbles that aren't Champagne or liven up Christmas drinks for someone who's laying off the sauce. £15 for three.


Gin Stocking 

A whole stocking filled with gin-related goodies, great for anyone who likes... err - gin. Prices from £27

Pre-bottled Cocktails 

undefinedChristmas Eve just got a whole lot tastier! The best way to share Christmas with your go-to cocktail drinking buddy. £34.95

Christmas Malt Whisky

undefinedFor the whisky lover, a one-off super duper Speyside single malt should suffice. £74.95

30 & 40 Double Jus (Aperitif-de-Normandie)

undefinedSomething apple based and absolutely delicious for the person who's drinks cart currently resembles a top London cocktail bar. £31.95


Cock/Tail Coasters

undefinedThey're rude and extravagant, and we know you'll know at least one person who would absolutely love these. £88

Mixtin Stirring Tin

undefinedImpress the budding bartender in your life with this swanky tin mixing glass and hope they make you a martini. £52.25

Instant Ice Ball Maker

undefinedProbably the most rock star of gifts on the list, it comes in gold, uses thermal conductivity to make perfect ice spheres in seconds, so is great for anyone that likes being keewl. £143.99

Japanese Nikka Whisky Hamper

undefinedA unique and gorgeous present for someone who loves their world whisky. £145


Gin Blending Masterclass

undefinedA hands-on pressie for someone who has always wanted to make gin, where they'll get to drink cocktails, blend gin then label and wax it. £80

Rum Making Experience

undefinedPerfect for the swashbuckling pirate in your life.... embark on a voyage of rum discovery, experiment with flavours and design your very own bottle of rum to take home. From £70


Club Tropicana Wham Shorts Sharer

undefinedBecause who else’s pants would you rather share a drink out of? Yaaaaaas George! £25