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London Cocktail Week For The Trade

If you are one of the amazing, hard working people that work in the trade, see all the great things you have access to this London Cocktail Week. Don't forget, those working in-venue are eligible for a FREE trade Digital Pass, so make sure you register to get yours.

London Cocktail Week has grown to be predominantly a consumer festival – promoting the amazing work YOU the drinks trade do, to an increasingly eager bunch of “normal” drinks lovers.

However, the festival was first and foremost for created for the trade, and we’re pleased that it is now one of the primary opportunities in the year for drinks industry professionals from across London, the UK and the world to get together and drink great drinks in what is arguably the best city on the planet to do so.

If you work in a venue – whether as a bartender, barback, front-of-house or back office – you are eligible for a free digital pass to London Cocktail Week. This gets you unlimited access to The Cocktail Village, as well as the chance to drink cocktails in some of London’s best bars for just £6 – a perfect opportunity to check out what your neighbours might be up to behind the stick!

If you don’t work in a venue, but instead you work for a brand, distributor or agency – we’re sorry but unfortunately you aren’t eligible for a free pass and will have to pay £10 – we’re hoping many of you will be able to flex the company credit card in the name of research. Note that Sponsoring brands of London Cocktail Week will get an allocation of passes – so it’s worth checking in with your marketing team to see whether you might get one of these!

A note on the content this year - we’re aware that especially if you’re London based, this is probably one of the busiest weeks of the year for you and your venue and appreciate that after work, most of you just want to catch up with international friends you’ve not seen in ages over some beers and tequila shots. We also get that if you’re visiting – this is your chance to get round London’s incredible bar scene, which has developed even since last LCW!

So we’ve lightened up on the number of sit-down education sessions and talks, put more informal trade-focussed activity into The Cocktail Village, and added in a few good industry-only parties. We’ll release that schedule of events a bit closer to the time.

Here’s to an awesome London Cocktail Week! See you at the bar!

Team DrinkUp.London x