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DrinkUp With...Alix Nardella

We chat to Alix, one of the faces behind the much-anticipated Espresso Martini Fest.

She moved to the UK from Australia over five years ago and has been working for the famous Mr Black brand on all things coffee and booze for two and a half of those. Here we catch up with Alix Nardella - one of the lovely people who help to make Espress Martini Fest happen - covering coffee (obviously), her fav spots in London, what she's excited about for this year's Espresso Martini Fest and even an infamous exotic dancer!   

How long have you been working with Mr Black?
Around 2 and a half years. My first day was Easter Monday in 2016!

Whats the best unknown fact about the brand?
There’s an exotic dancer in Australia who has the original bottle artwork tattooed on them!

You’re an Aussie in London - how long have you been here now!?
Ive been in the UK for 5.5 years, 4 of those in London. 

What do you miss most about Australia? (We bet it’s coffee!)
Besides the coffee, all day breakfast. I miss being able to go to a cafe at 3pm and still get a good brekky!

Where about's in town do you live?
Whitechapel, East London. 

What’s your must-visit hidden gem there?
Unripe Banana on Hackney Road. Its a great vegan cafe that also has a gallery space.

What’s your favourite bar in London?
This is a really tough one, there are so many amazing bars in London. At the moment I am loving Sager + Wilde though. 

And aside from a Mr Black cocktail obvs - what would you order there?
The Cadiz. Super tasty sherry and really refreshing. The menu changes quite regularly though and all of Marcis and Jackie’s drinks are amazing. 

What are you most looking forward to at Espresso Martini Fest? 
Visiting all the amazing partner bars and trying the signature serves from them. We also have a hub space on Brick Lane this year, with some amazing masterclasses and activities planned!

And… will you be personally making those 1000 free cocktails? 
Haha, Im sure I’ll be shaking a few but I think I’ll need a hand or two!