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Are these the best cocktails to drink this summer?

The London Essence Company have partnered with some of London's top bars to bring you these Exceptionally Light cocktails this season. Light in calories, light in alcohol... heavy in quality and taste.

Summer in London is a glorious time, everyone starts to emerge from the winter hibernation. Out from the depths of their cosy living rooms and onto the streets into the glowing sun. If you’re anything like us, as soon as we feel that warm air you’re thinking - drinks? Yes!

But with all the buzz in the air it can be easy to get carried away… and the next thing you know it’s Wednesday morning and you’re feeling a little less than fresh after too many cocktails at the bar the night before. Nobody likes that feeling… and more and more people are looking for an alternative, not forgoing the booze completely, but a cocktail that’s a little less punchy, still just as delicious and with all the elements that make up a great drink.

This summer The London Essence Company have partnered with some of London’s top bars to bring you their Exceptionally Light Seasonal Collection, not only lower in alcohol but lower in calories too - it is summer you know, and the beach is always calling! Who says you can't have your (healthy) cake and eat it too?

Check out the videos below of each cocktail and where you can get them!

Bar: Worship Street Whistling Shop
Drink: Mauveine
London Essence Company Classic London Tonic Water, Copperhead Black Batch Gin, Lime Juice, Non Alcoholic Red Wine and Spice Reduction, Pea Flower Extract.

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Bar: Scout
Drink: Bliss
London Essence Company Classic London Tonic Water, Fig leaf gin, Lillet Blanc, Peated Scotch, Distilled Banana Cordial.

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Bar: Cocktail Trading Co. 
Drink: Lutein
London Essence Company Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water, Martini Ambre, Carrot & Saffron Shrub.

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