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The best gins to drink this summer...

All the most floral and fruity variations to perk up your G&T.

Whilst G&T’s are always going to be the perfect drink when the sun comes out, I’ve rounded up some gins that are particularly suited for celebrating the long-awaited arrival of springtime.

Citadelle Wild Blossom Gin
The second release from the 'Citadelle Extrêmes' series, Citadelle Wild Blossom Gin features 20 botanicals, building on the original Citadelle recipe (which has 19), adding further floral notes with an infusion of wild cherry blossom petals. It's then rested in sweet cherrywood casks for five months. 
Best served simply with tonic and garnished with edible flowers, or particularly good in the classic aviation cocktail.


Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin 
Inspired by a recipe found in Charles Tanqueray’s own notebooks, this new release looks back to fruit gins of the past but updates the formula for today’s gin drinker.
By utilising both distillation and infusion to impart the flavours of Seville orange peels and orange blossom, the resulting gin has a gorgeous golden hue to it. To taste there is a real orange-y depth to the gin and a delicate sweetness.
Substitute it for the Aperol in an Aperol Spritz to supercharge the classic aperitivo. Gin, Prosecco, soda, and a big juicy wedge of orange, what's not to love?


Gin Mare 
A gin inspired by the Mediterranean, Gin Mare is the perfect gin to sip whilst looking forward to summer travelling. With thyme, rosemary, basil and olives in the botanical line up it’s best served with plenty of ice in a large goblet (coppa) glass with tonic and a sprig of one of the herbs featured in the gin.
For a refreshing twist on the classic G&T, add a spoon of marmalade alongside a couple of dashes of orange bitters, before adding tonic, stirring gently, and garnishing with an orange wedge.


Bloom Gin
A floral gin inspired by the quintessential English country garden, Bloom is a delicate gin utilising honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo grapefruit alongside traditional gin botanicals.
Best served with a 50:50 mix of tonic and soda water to ensure the bitter quinine in the tonic doesn’t overpower the gin, their recommended serve is with strawberries, which come into season in late April/early May.


Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin
One of the first rhubarb gins to launch on the UK market, this flavoured gin takes their Harrington Dry Gin and blends with rhubarb juice to produce this blush-pink gin.
For a refreshing alternative to a G&T, try mixing this gin with ginger ale and garnish with a stick of rhubarb while it’s still in season.


Silent Pool Gin
If there’s any bottle that screams spring, it’s this one. The beautiful aqua-green bottle was inspired by the natural colour of the mystic Silent Pool adjacent to the distillery. The copper decoration is inspired by the still used to distill the gin, and pays homage to the 24 botanicals used to make the gin.
Their perfect G&T is served with an orange twist, but for something a little more unusual search out their ‘liquid garnish’, mists. Simply spray over the top of your gin and tonic to enhance your drink. Available in Kaffir Lime and Bergamot Orange they amplify the citrus notes in the gin and create a super refreshing twist on the classic G&T.


Sipsmith London Cup 
Whilst not strictly a gin, this twist on Pimms (the original summer cup) features Sipsmith London Dry Gin. Mixed with Earl Grey Tea, rose petals, lemon verbena and a whole host of other herbs, spices and fruits, this is essential spring sipping.
Serve with lemonade and as much fruit as you can throw at it, think cucumber, strawberries, orange, lemon and perhaps a little mint? It’s also perfect for batching up into punches for garden parties taking all of the hastle out of hosting.

Garnish is king!
You can also upgrade any G&T and make it ready for spring by utilising fresh fruit, herbs and flowers. From floral garnishes like rose petals, lavender sprigs, or dried hibiscus flowers (which will slowly infuse into your G&T turning it pink!) to fresh herbs which add a lovely freshness to your G&T, think lemon thyme, sage and mint. Don't forget to make the most of what's in season too, blood oranges make a particularly striking addition.