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Inside London's smallest bar

Your music, your private bartender, your bespoke cocktails - this is your bar.

Last Friday we made our way through the beautiful city of London, down a side street and ended up at London's smallest bar, The Brig - this wasn't by accident - this isn't the kind of place you can just stumble across. It is nestled behind a tiny doorway, down a tiny street and you need a four digit code to get in. Secret, hidden and everything we want in a bar. 

We made our way inside and were greeted and welcomed with open arms by Lewis - our very own personal bar tender (at least for the hour we were booked in for anyway). We sat at the bar - which by the way has 2 seats and 2 seats only (best seats in the house). There are 2 additional seats behind us, but at capacity this bar only holds 4 humans - 5 if you include Lewis, this hasn't been dubbed London's smallest bar for no reason. 

"So, what can I get you?" - oh that age old question that stumps us every time. We think about it for a little while, umming and arring - meanwhile we've suddenly got two glasses of bubbly sitting in front of us, just something to have at hand for when we don't have a drink. While we're still unsure, sipping on our bubbles Lewis explains the concept. The drawcard and the clickable title "London's smallest bar" is all well and good and great for business, but it isn't really about that... at all.

The Brig, is your bar, it's my bar, it's literally whatever you want it to be - that's what it's all about. You choose the music, you choose the drinks, you choose your entire experience. He asks us again, "so, what are we going to have?"... we decide on Martinis - but with such a wealth of knowledge standing behind that bar these aren't going to be your standard drinks. We try a few different spirits, learn some history about them, we drink them, they're delicious. We want more... and what you want in The Brig, you get in The Brig

If you could dream up your perfect bar - what would it be? Shots of picklebacks while you listen to Nickleback - sure, go for it. The perfect intimate and romantic space to propose to your loved one - absolutely. Or maybe you want a masterclass, you want to get behind the bar, shake and stir your own cocktails and leave feeling tipsy and a little more knowledgable (if you can remember in the morning). Whatever your little heart desires, it's a place where the bar of your dreams can come to life - we never wanted to leave, seriously though.. more Martinis please! 

Book into The Brig here.