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Celebrate International Poitín Day at The Sun Tavern

  • 18/11/2019

In celebration of International Poitín Day on Monday 18th November, The Sun Tavern are partnering with Bán Poitín and Mad March Hare, to launch a bartender swap between The Sun Tavern and Dublin's Bar 1661, showing a collaborative menu featuring three drinks from each bar, as well as hosting a Poitín tasting event at The Sun Tavern.


The Sun Tavern, 441 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AN


Founded in 2015 by The Sun Tavern, International Poitín Day is dedicated to celebrating the original Irish moonshine, and the rebellious souls who kept it alive during its days of illegality.

Year-round advocates of the first Uisce beatha (Irish whiskey), The Sun Tavern boasts the world's largest legal collection of Poitín, using it in their mixed drinks and selling it by the bottle in their on-premise off-license.

Now in it's fifth year, International Poitín Day will be marked this year with a simultaneous bar swap between The Sun Tavern and Dublin's, Bar 1661. For the occasion, the bars will host each other's bartenders, to serve up a joint menu of six cocktails, offering three cocktails from each bar, in partnership with Bán Poitín and Mad March Hare.

The six-strong cocktail menu available for the celebration itself will include; Belfast Coffee, a blend of Cold Brew, Bán Poitín, Demerara, Cream, Nutmeg, their Mad March Mule, made with Mad March Hare Poitin, Lime, Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer, John Doe, a mix of Bán Poitín, Irish Whiskey, Madeira , Chestnut liqueur and Kneecapper, with Bán Poitín, Lemon, Honey, Absinthe.

Also on Monday 18th November, Poitín aficionado Tommy Cummins, will lead a Poitín tasting at The Sun Tavern, dispelling myths that it's just bread, banana and barley, while Bán Poitin founder, Dave Mulligan, does the same at Bar 1661. From The Sun Tavern, bartenders Ross Painter and Jamie Jones will be taking over the bar at Bar 1661 while Bar 1661 bartenders Gillian Boyle and Luke O'Meara and will be bringing a taste of Green Street to Bethnal Green as they step behind the bar at The Sun Tavern.