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Olia Hercules | Dinner At Ours | Our/London Vodka

  • 20/06/2018 to 21/06/2018
  • £54.49

The newly launched Dinner At Ours series hosted by Our/London will see Olia Hercules putting together a delicious Georgian feast for their first event.


Our/London Vodka, Arch 435 & 436, Spurstowe Road, London, E8 1LS
20/06/2018 to 21/06/2018

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This summer, London-based vodka distillers, Our/London, have invited some of their favourite chefs to their home in Hackney Downs for Dinner at Ours. From June to September some of London’s finest culinary minds will set up in the East London distillery hosting a series of evenings that will emulate their own, personal interpretations of a relaxed dinner party, inspired by the flavours and unique aromatics of the local vodka.

On 20th and 21st June, Olia Hercules teams up with Our/London Vodka for Dinner At Ours. Joining some of London's finest culinary minds, Olia will set up shop within the East London Vodka distillery to host her own dinner party inspired by the flavours and unique aromatics of the local vodka.

Located in the arches of Hackney Downs, just 10 minutes from Liverpool Street and 5 minutes from London Fields, Olia will be preparing bountiful Georgian feasts and infusing her Eastern European flair with Our/London Vodka cocktails developed with in-house brand ambassador, Fliss Grandsen, to create some authentic pairings to the spirit.

Olia Hercules Menu

Drinking good-quality vodka at or just before dinner is part of Ukrainian culture. It is very important in fact, that vodka is consumed with food, and with plenty of pickles. It has always been done as a lovely social occasion, with friends and family, at a long table, where long, philosophical toasts would follow each time you drink an ice-cold shot. It has always been a positive experience, a convivial, thoughtful way of drinking and communicating, and has become part of the way I like to do my pop dinners. A piece of Borodisnky rye bread, a shot of cold vodka followed by a fermented cucumber and a toast - this small ritual makes strangers feel at ease and sets them up for a lovely evening ahead.


Rye bread + home-made lardo, shot of vodka, ferment chaser

Our/London neat


Vegetarian green borsch [nettles, sorrel, millet] + flatbreads stuffed with herbs

Our/London infused with dill, fino sherry, soda water, lemon oils


Whole sea trout with brown shrimp butter

Jersey royal, dandelion and wild watercress salad

Buckwheat and crispy onions

Radish, cucumber, spring onions and tomato salad


Seasonal berries and elderflower and ryazhenka (Ukrainian caramelised milk yogurt) 

Paired with Our/London, sweet white vermouth, elderflower liqueur, lemon oils

The dinners will also see the launch of the Our/Vodka Course. A sharing serve of perfectly chilled vodka, using either neat or infused Our/London Vodka that encourages a pause in your evening to either cleanse the palate or act as a digestif. Designed by Studio Make Believe, the ceramic apparatus sits beautifully on any dinner table and encourages us to explore and savour the various elements of Our/London Vodka.

Your ticket will include a minimum of four courses, with paired Our/London Vodka cocktails. The evening will start with welcome cocktails at 6.30pm, followed by dinner at 7pm. For more details follow @ourlondon or sign up to their newsletter.