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The Scapegrace Soiree

  • 07/06/2018
  • Free entry

In celebration of World Gin Day, Scapegrace gin have teamed up with the Worship Street Whistling Shop bar team to offer a one-off menu takeover.


Worship Street Whistling Shop, 63 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2DU
Free entry


This World Gin Day guests can enjoy a menu takeover of bespoke Scapegrace Gin serves developed by the Worship Street Whistling Shop team. 

Victorian inspired, Worship Street Whistling Shop is an award-winning cocktail bar styled on the gin palaces originally found in London in the 1820s, and is also home to an experimental beverage laboratory and dram shop. Vintage style décor and historically inspired drinks are contrasted by a modern and innovative approach. 

Scapegrace is an artisan dry gin with a New Zealand slant. Combining craft with conviviality. It is distilled at the foothills of the ice-capped Southern Alps of New Zealand. Subterranean rock filters the water source for over 80 years. The result.. An exceptionally smooth and enduring finish.

The menu will host 3 cocktails...

Cherry Negroni
Scapegrace Classic Dry Gin
Black cherry and Freddo frog distillate
Punt e Mes
Chilli tincture

Strawberry Southside Royale
Scapegrace Classic Dry Gin
Strawberry syrup
Mint acid
Champagne reduction

The Wellington
Scapegrace Classic Dry Gin
Fernet Branca
Wattleseed Cordial
Regan's Orange Bitters

Guests have the one-off chance to enjoy a flight of all 3 at a 3rd of the size for just £10 a pop!