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Exile on Horatio Street

  • 10/12/2017 to 13/12/2017
  • Free entry

Ex-Callooh Callay duo announce one last London bar venture before heading up north. Expect great cocktails and obscure music at this 4 day pop-up.


Nelson’s Head, 32 Horatio Street, London, E2 7SB
10/12/2017 to 13/12/2017
Sun 16.00-22.30, Mon-Wed 17.00-23.00
Free entry


Simon Thompson and Jake O’Brien Murphy left Callooh Callay at the end of London Cocktail Week. They’re moving back up north to open their own place early in 2018. For now though, they haven’t adapted very well to the unemployed life so they’ve decided to host a 4-day pop up at Nelson’s Bar (underneath Shoreditch pub, Nelson’s Head) between December 10th -13th.

Exile on Horatio Street, as well as being an excuse to get off the sofa, is a chance to debut drinks and atmosphere elements from their upcoming venture. Jake has been working on the menu since the pair decided that it was time to leave their jobs and do their own thing.

Anyone familiar with the pair will know to expect not only great cocktails, but plenty of generic lager and some carefully curated playlists featuring anything from obscure Smiths B-Sides to Italian disco classics.