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Plymouth Gin Botanical Lab - 21/12

  • 21/12/2017
  • £15

Learn how to make your own gin at this interactive masterclass hosted by the experts down at Plymouth Gin!


The Imaginarium Hunter Penrose, 32 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TU
13.00, 14.00, 15.00 or 16.00

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Following a run of successful London Cocktail Week events, The Plymouth Botanical Lab is back and has partnered with The Imaginarium London Bridge.

Located in a space for the capital’s most innovative and imaginative thinkers and tinkerers, The Plymouth Botanical Lab will take you on an interactive journey through the history and botanicals of Plymouth Gin. 

You’ll be admitted to the lab by Annie, Plymouth Gin’s Ambassador and offered a classic Plymouth Gin cocktail served from the iconic ‘Glug Jug’ Fish.

Goggles & Lab coats will be provided as you blend the 7 botanicals that Plymouth Gin has been known for since 1793 to create your very own bottle of Gin.

Prepare your taste buds and get ready to get scientific in the Plymouth Botanical Lab!

Plymouth Botanical Lab

  • 45minute session
  • Pink Plymouth & Tonic on arrival.
  • Gin Journey & Plymouth Tasting
  • Takeaway bottle of your own personalised Gin


“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” - Lewis Carroll

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